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How do I renew My CNA license in Illinois?

You can renew your Illinois CNA license through the Department Of Public Health either online or through the US mail.

How long is my Illinois CNA license valid?

Your CNA license will remain valid as long as you provide proof of at least 40 hours of supervised clinical experience in an accredited nurse training program to the IDOH Healthcare Worker Registry. You must also pass a written competency test if you have not done so because you were initially licensed in another state and were"grandfathered-in" to the Illinois medical system.

How much is Illinois CNA license renewal?

Following the national standard, the Illinois CNA license renewal fee is $40. In many cases it will be paid by your employer.

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Allied Health Institute is a post-secondary vocational school offering a variety of Diploma and Associate Degree programs in the field of Allied Health. By utilizing online learning, students have the flexibility to continue their education from the convenience of their own home. Our virtual classrooms will enable students to attend classes and communicate with instructors and classmates. Students can complete some programs without leaving their current employment or sacrificing family time.

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For over 110 years, Northwestern College has been proud to help students like you succeed.

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