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Choosing any career can be a a life changing decision. Understanding the skills and education needed is an essential element in researching a career. A career in nursing is more than wearing blue smocks and taking temperatures. There are several specialized fields to choose from, each with their own set of requirements. Depending on your state you may need more or less education to get into your chosen field of nursing. For more on nursing careers proceed to the resource sections for more detailed information.

General Nursing Information

Information for Families About Nurses- Calming information to help families understand what a nurse is.

About Nursing From the American Nurses Association- The definition of nursing and the responsibilities of a nurse.

Occupational Outlook for Registered Nurses- Detailed information about training and employment of registered nurses.

Nursing and Midwifery in the United Kingdom- Resource for United Kingdom nurses, midwives, or those who want to register as a nurse in the United Kingdom.

California Nurses Association- Association for California nurses provides employment resources, research, and support for nurses.

Becoming a Nurse in Florida- Describes the procedure for becoming a nurse in Florida and explains education and the fields of nursing.

New Jersey State Nurses Association- Support for nurses and those seeking to be a nurse in New Jersey.

Nursing Regulations and Requirements

Maryland's Board of Nursing- The Maryland state regulations and Nurse Practice Act.

Cardiac/Vascular Nursing Requirements- Information on cardiac and vascular nursing certification procedures.

Online Nursing Programs - In order to get your certification to be a nurse you'll first have to complete certain courses and certification programs.

National Council of State Boards of Nursing- Explains the examinations needed to enter into nursing and provides oversight to all examination procedures nation wide.

School of Nursing Regulations- Regulations for Canadian nursing schools.

New Jersey Board of Nursing Regulations- Regulation and requirements for New Jersey nurses.

Nursing Facilities - Quality and Patient Safety- Regulations that United States nursing facilities must abide by.

Types of Nurses

Neonatal Nursing- Neonatal nursing defined with information on jobs and neonatal journals.

Cardiac Nursing- Council on cardiovascular nursing

Pediatric Nursing- Has programs and patient care information for professional pediatric nurses or nurses who must care for children.

Anesthesia Nursing- Describes the history behind anesthesia nursing.

Occupational Health Nursing- Explains the importance of occupational nursing and the issues that surround the profession.

Neuroscience Nursing- The American Association of Neuroscience Nursing. Nurses specialized in the nervous system.

Psychiatric Nurses- Educational, employment,and career advancement for nursing in the psychiatric mental nursing field.

Critical Care Nurses-A nursing field that focuses on life threatening trauma. Includes background, job specification, and qualifications.

Obstetric Nurses- The Association of Women's Health , Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses provides career and patient care guidance to nurses.

Oncology Nursing Society- A community of oncology nurses to learn of new regulations, scholarships, and career advancement.

Newsgroups and Mailing Lists

Emergency Nurses Mailing Lists - Mailing list for emergency nurses.

ANAC Newsgroups- Email list and news groups for nurses specializing in AIDS care.

Association of Peri Operative Nurses- Mailing list for registered nurses.

Mailing List for TeleNurses- Mailing list resources for nurses who specialize in providing health advice over the phone.

Global Network of Nurses and Midwives- Newsgroup for nurses and midwives internationally.

Legal Nurse Consultants- A membership only based newsgroup discussions, mailing lists, and journal reviews.

Medical Resources Around the World

National Institute of Nursing Research- National resource for training and medical nursing research.

American Medical Association- News, medical research, education, and career advancement from the American Medical Association.

European Medical Association- Non profit association for European doctors and the European health system.

Global Health- The Global Health Council focuses on global health care.

Ethnic Minority Nurses- A national association for minority nurses.

Asian American and Pacific Islander Association- The organization is centered on providing quality health care and professional career support for Asian Pacific Islanders.

European Operating Room Nurses Association- Patient care guidance for European operating room nurses and providing educational support geared towards promoting quality care.

Caribbean Nurses Association A non profit organization for Caribbean nurses, The organization focuses on providing quality health care for Caribbean citizens and to improve nursing policy, education, and employment for nurses.

International Nurses- The North American Nursing Diagnosis Association International is centered on providing evidence based nursing care.

Volunteer Nursing In Africa- US Doctors and Nurses volunteer their time to provide health care in underprivileged African countries to help fight AIDS/HIV and other diseases.