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Graceland University

Graceland University

1401 W. Truman Road
Independence, Missouri 64050

(816) 833-0524
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RN to BSN Program Details

This online program includes specific areas of study allowing you to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N.) in an organized and supportive learning environment. Faculty and student support counselors will guide your every step from application to graduation. The result is a quality nursing degree that will put you in high demand.

You may receive up to 28 semester hours of credit for your previous undergraduate nursing courses, regardless of how long ago you earned them. General education credit may be awarded through transfer, CLEP or online courses. A four-day, on-campus focus session is required for all B.S.N. students. Graduates will be awarded the B.S.N. degree upon
completion of all requirements.

MSN Program Details

Graceland offers M.S.N. specialty tracks in either family nurse practitioner or nurse educator. The M.S.N. program is designed to provide working RNs the opportunity to pursue a graduate degree through the completion of a combination of online cohort courses, on-campus focus sessions and faculty and preceptor-guided practicum experiences in the student’s local community.

All students are required to attend two focus sessions at the School of Nursing on Graceland University’s Independence campus during the course of the program. The first focus session (program orientation) is scheduled during the second week of the first course taken. The second focus session is scheduled in conjunction with the Advanced Health Assessment Lab course.The School of Nursing offers the following recommendations for completion plan schedule options:

-Full-time Option (FNP 36 months; NE 28 months): flexible part-time or full-time employment with minimal to moderate personal and family obligations
-Part-time Option (FNP 52 months; NE 48 months): demanding part-time or full-time employment with moderate to high personal and family obligations

RN to MSN Program Details

The RN-M.S.N. program offers the registered nurse the opportunity to complete a B.S.N. degree and M.S.N. degree in a combined program. Students in this program are not required to take two of the B.S.N. courses. The B.S.N. and M.S.N. degrees are awarded when the student has completed all requirements in the RN-M.S.N. curriculum. The career options in the M.S.N. program are Family Nurse Practitioner and/or Nurse Educator.

If you are enrolled in this program, you will have the option to “stop-out” if you desire and earn a B.S.N. only. A four-day, on-campus focus session is required for the B.S.N. portion and two more on-campus focus sessions are required for completion of the M.S.N. portion. Students are required to complete practicums in both the B.S.N. and M.S.N. portions of the RN-M.S.N. program. Practicums may be completed in the student’s own community.

This program is available in two career options: Family Nurse Practitioner and Nurse Educator.

Doctor of Nursing Practice Program Details

The nursing world is changing and there is a definite push and plan for Nurses to have a Doctor of Nursing (DNP) as their terminal degree. As a leader in nursing education, Graceland's School of Nursing feels that this is an important moment for the nursing world and we will be offering the first doctoral degree at Graceland University! Our School of Nursing has long been a pioneer and leader in online Nursing programs. We have been offering distance learning programs since 1988 and offering the postgraduate D.N.P. program is the next logical step for our innovative faculty.

As the nursing profession and the healthcare system evolve, so will nursing education at Graceland. Our doctorally prepared practitioners will not only be expert clinicians but also leaders who will direct changes in the healthcare system. They will advocate for policies that will meet the needs of a diverse society. At Graceland, we strive to facilitate goal achievement for our students. Offering them the opportunity to earn a D.N.P. degree will enhance their status and parity with other healthcare professionals.

The goal of our D.N.P. is to prepare nurses for advanced practice roles and as clinical scholars skilled in the translation of theory, research and other evidence into clinical practice, measurement of patient outcomes and transformation of health care systems to ensure quality and safety.

The D.N.P. program outcomes reflect integration and application of the knowledge and skills obtained in the program. Therefore, at the completion of the D.N.P. program, the graduate will be prepared to:

-Use relevant emerging technology to advance research, education and health outcomes.
-Synthesize, interpret and apply knowledge from nursing practice, research and theory to create, implement and evaluate practice interventions, health delivery systems and clinical teaching.
-Assume complex leadership roles at the organizational and systems level to improve health outcomes of individuals and populations.
-Advocate for social justice, equality and ethical policies in health care.
-Evaluate policy, care delivery and organizational systems for current and future health care for individuals, families and populations.

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