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Texas State Technical College - Sweetwater

Texas State Technical College - Sweetwater

300 Homer K. Taylor Drive
Sweetwater, Texas 79556

(325) 235-7300
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Do you dream of being part of a caring/helping profession? That's why our students enter the TSTC LVN Program -- they want to help others. The nursing profession is part of the extremely high-demand healthcare field. And you'll find that nursing is changing -- there's more computer use, the technology is always advancing, and more and more men are entering the field. If this fast-growing career field is appealing --consider the LVN Program at TSTC West Texas to help you achieve your goal of being a licensed vocational nurse.

In the LVN program, you'll participate in an innovative learning environment that helps you develop your care giving skills in classroom and labs, in interactive online sessions, and in virtual and on-site healthcare clinicals. Two SimMan simulators are in our state-of-the-art labs and you'll care for them just as you would one of your "real" patients. Instructors program the SimMan for the kinds of medical conditions and emergencies you will encounter as an LVN. You will practice the skills and techniques introduced in your classes and you will be challenged to solve problems presented via SimMan. Then, on to clinical sites at hospitals, nursing homes and doctors' offices where you will experience the reality and pace of the nursing profession.

In just sixteen months, you can graduate from the LVN program by successfully completing courses such as:

Anatomy and Physiology
Pharmacology and Administration of Meds
Medical/Surgical Nursing
Maternal/Newborn Nursing
Pediatric Nursing

Once you complete the LVN Program and pass the licensure examination, you will have many employment opportunities to consider such as:

Nursing Homes
Home Health
Doctors' Offices
Insurance Companies

Your instructors are professionals in the nursing field. All have had medical/surgical experience, and, individually, instructors have extensive experience in pediatrics, obstetrics, critical care (ICU), trauma (ER), and psychiatric care areas.

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