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West Shore Community College

West Shore Community College

3000 N Stiles Rd.
Scottville, Michigan 49454

(231) 845-6211
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Nursing Programs Offered

ADN Programs
LPN Programs
RN Programs

ADN Program Details

Upon completion of the program, graduates will be eligible to sit for the National Exam for Practical and/or Registered Nursing. However, applicants to the West Shore Community College Nursing Program should be aware that the Michigan Board of Nursing, as stated in the Michigan Public Health Code, 1978 PA 368, can deny a license to an applicant if the applicant has been convicted of any of the following: a criminal offense in a court of competent jurisdiction; habitual intemperate use of alcoholic beverages; addiction to, or improperly obtaining, possessing, using, or distributing habit-forming drugs or narcotics; unethical conduct or business practice, violation or aiding of others in violation of any of the provision of this act. This list is not inclusive.

LPN Program Details

The first year of the nursing program which prepares graduates to take the Practical Nursing licensure examination and/or to advance into the second year of the program.

A student who graduates from the nursing program at the end of the first year and does not plan to continue into the ADN program. Desires licensure as a Practical Nurse. Completes first level Fall, Spring, Summer curriculum.

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